How to Apply

How to apply
Visit, you can apply by entering the "Join us" page and proceed with the following steps:

Retail Customer

  • Choose “Retail Customer” and click “Continue”
  • Enter your email address (which will be used as a username to access the system) and password. Fill in all the blanks with your information. After that, the system will send you an email.
  • Confirm your registration by clicking the link in the email you have received.
  • The system will direct you to the log in page. Enter your username and password in order to access.

Business Associate and Privileged Member
You can register as Unilever Network Business Associate or Privileged Member. Before applying, please check your qualifications by type of membership. If you want to have any member who owns personal webpage with unilever network as a sponsor, please enter his/her personal webpage directly and click "Join Us". (If you don't know the URL, please search from webpage owner directory and choose the webpage owner. The system will lead you to the webpage of the member you chose) After checking your qualifications, please take the following steps:

  • After clicking “Join Us” you will be led to the registration page. Choose the type of membership between “Business Associate” and “Privileged Member”.  Then, click “Continue”
  • Fill in your personal information including email address into all the designated blanks. Then, create your username and password.
  • Read the registration agreement, policies and procedures of the company. Then, click "Accept".
  • The system will enter Member Starter Kit ordering and payment steps. In payment step, it will direct you to the bank website, and then enter your credit card information.
    • If you have never used direct credit service, please fill in your personal details as the bank requires you to fill in the blanks which appears on the screen, or contact the bank in order to activate the service. After that, you will receive a password to perform direct credit payment.
    • If you already have a password, you can perform direct credit payment via the details that are shown.
    • We only accept VISA and MASTERCARD. All banks are welcome.
  • When you get payment approval from the bank, the system will display a direct credit payment reference number. Please click "Back to Merchant " to return to front page. Then, your registration status is complete.
  • After that, we will record your information in our main system in order to create membership ID number and send it along with your username and password to your email within 24 hours upon registration. If the day after registration is the company's holiday, the email will be sent to you on the following day.
    • Your membership ID number, username and passwords acquired from online registration will have a validity of 60 days upon registration.
    • Your registration will be considered as complete only when the company has received your authentic application form that has been duly filled and signed, along with a copy of your ID card (and other registration-related documents (if any)). All documents must be safely received by the company within 60 days upon registration.
  • Member Starter Kit and membership card will only be sent to your issued address after the company has received your original registration document. In the meantime, you can temporarily use the membership number sent from our system to operate your business.
  • If you have any question or require further information, please contact Unilever Network Call Center at 0-2554-2455.

Note: You can use the username and password that you have received to log into www.unilevernetworkcyberoffice.comin order to access online services, such as ordering products at member prices, applying for downline, and managing your team.

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